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Demis Health Claim Analyzer

Demis Health Claim Analyzer

It is used to streamline the medical claims process, which eases the relationship between provider and insurance company and efficiently speeds up the patient’s payment lifecycle. These solutions leverage automation features so hospitals and clinics can resolve or prevent any hurdles that can potentially disrupt the claims processing and billing workflow. This software is sold either as standalone products or bundled within RASA. Users of healthcare claims management software include payers, health care providers, and insurance providers.

+ 40 M
+ 35 K
Processing of Hospita Records
+ 3 K
Online Users

Key Features:

  • Total Health Plan Costs
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Claims
  • Emergency Room and Office Visit Utilization and Cost
  • Claims by Major Diagnostic Categories
  • Wellness
  •  And many more


Iranian Health Insurance Organization